10 Best Apps to Learn Piano in 2023


Learning how to play Piano at home easily with free piano apps

Learning to play a musical instrument is a long and tedious process that may require years of practice and hard work. Usually, those who get the privilege of early lessons, learn quickly. But many of the students can not find the same. Usually, music lessons are expensive and need a lot more commitment on the part of the student.
Technology has given solutions to this problem also. For those who believe in learning things themselves, piano apps are the perfect way to learn how to play piano in a matter of a few months, provided they are ready to invest the time and efforts required.

Our Top Picks

Most of the best piano learning apps are designed by learned musicians and tutors who have years of music playing as well as teaching experience. Most of the apps also come with saved tabs for many of the popular songs. Hence, using the below mentioned apps not only saves students from wasting their precious time but also helps them in developing better habits while playing.


Top Piano Apps for Beginning Students in 2022

In this article, we bring the top 10 piano apps we find best for students from all backgrounds, proficiency and experience. Let’s find out:

Perfect Piano – Free Piano Lessons App

Perfect Piano is a perfect piano stimulator and one of the popular piano keyboard apps. The app offers an 88 key piano with more than 7 octaves playing range. There are single-row and dual-row modes for better understanding and learning experience. Perfect Piano learning to play piano app comes with intelligent touch sensitivity for real-life playing experience.

You can also adjust the keys and use multiple tones and synthesizers for multiple flavors. You can also use the in-built metronome for perfect time changes.


Features of Free Piano Lessons App

  • Adjustable keys
  • Touch-sensitive keys
  • Metronome
  • Direct sharing to social media
  • Learn from thousands of popular songs

    Simply Piano by JoyTunes – The Top Piano Playing App

    Simply Piano by JoyTunes is a complete Piano teaching app that will help you discover your talent fastest and will also teach you all the important skills needed by a piano player. This amazing piano-playing app comes with thousands of songs and their complete tablature to learn those songs. The app will also teach you how to read sheet music.

    You can learn to play while practicing on any piano. The app will listen to the sound of your piano and tell if you made a mistake. Apart from this, Simply Piano comes with touch-sensitive playing piano, which you can use to practice.


    Features of Piano Playing App

    • Learn to read music
    • Thousands of popular songs to learn
    • Play in-built piano
    • Open paid version for ultimate results

      Yousician – The Best Piano Learning App

      Yousician is an amazing self-learning app that helps pianists, guitar players, ukulele players, and vocalists improve their skills. It is a self-learning app that will make you a better musician each day. The app is amazing for beginners as well as advanced players.

      Yousician comes with thousands of missions, which you need to pass to unlock the higher tasks. The app also listens to what you are playing and shows how close your performance is to the correct notations in real-time.


      Features of Piano Learning App

      • Learn the best songs
      • Easy, fast, and intuitive to learn
      • Listens to your music and make changes
      • Frequent updates

        Solfegio – One of the Best Piano Application

        Solfegio is one of the best apps to learn piano along with other musical instruments such as guitar and ukulele. The app helps users play popular songs and chords on the piano from the comfort of their homes.

        In addition, the songs are arranged by moods with recommendations and content that promotes emotional wellbeing. This one of the best piano apps generates recommendations using AI based on your song preference, skill level, and learning tempo.


        Features of this beat piano learning app

        • This piano app is easy to use and download
        • Learn piano online step-by-step
        • 100+ songs from popular artists like Ariane Grande, Justin Bieber, and more
        • Get daily exercises and cheat sheets
        • New songs are released weekly on this interactive music software
        • Option for kids-friendly songs

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