10 Best Job Search Apps To Help You to Find Job in 2021


Most of these good job apps offer on-demand full-time as well as part-time posts, best suited for you

Quality jobs are not easy to come by, especially if you are looking for a job change. There are various reasons behind that. Sometimes, the companies outsource the hiring process to third-party companies, and sometimes, it ends up with internal hiring. Whatever it may be, the whole process can be quite tiring.

Fortunately, with the influx of apps, now you can do the job search while you are on the go. You can find apps for job searches on multiple platforms like Play Store and App Store. Such job searching apps streamline the process and help the user with valuable tips as well, which can come in handy while applying for a job. So, stay on the top of your job hunt and stay connected with the dream companies.

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Top Job Search Apps To Find Preferred Jobs In 2021

If you are on a job hunt, check out these jobs finding apps that are rated high by job seekers across the globe. Here, we have rounded up the top 10 job finder apps.

Facebook Jobs – Best job app

Facebook is the first platform that started social media as we know it today. Facebook has enjoyed amazing feats and is among the biggest networks in the world. With approx 1.7 billion users on Facebook, there is hardly any other network that caters to so many people.

Networking is crucial for finding great jobs for yourself and what better way can be there than Facebook. Facebook has maintained detailed information of the personnel, educational qualifications, and industries that employ the workforce. With their advanced algorithm and huge database, they are one of the best platforms to find jobs today.

Features of Facebook Jobs, one of the best job app

  • A vast network connecting 1.7 billion people
  • Persistent login from original Facebook App
  • Get references and share your activities to attract recruiters

LinkedIn – Best job app

LinkedIn is the new business hub for all working professionals. The platform is not limited to social postings, but it has evolved as an excellent platform to search for jobs as well. To get started, the user has to let the app know that he’s looking for a job.

After that, the LinkedIn app will keep the user posted about the matching jobs with additional details like job title, pay grade, and the company name. The best part of this job finder app is that it doesn’t let the current employer know that the user is looking for a new job.

Features of the LinkedIn, job search app

  • Find jobs & apply using your LinkedIn resume
  • Connect with recruiting managers & find new contacts
  • Follow companies, influencers, and professionals
  • It can use the LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume and more

Glassdoor – Best job app

Glassdoor has emerged as one of the reliable job hunting apps and one of the top job finding apps. Armed with a long list of tools, this app helps in figuring out varied stats. There is a tool named ‘Know Your Worth;’ it helps in making out how much salary the user can claim.

The app supports a decent design, so it does help in making things easier in job hunting. The main attraction of the app is that it offers both company and employee reviews. It is surely a comprehensive job searching app, so go ahead and download the app today.

Features of the Glassdoor job search app, one of the top job finding apps

  • Powerful job search tool
  • Company reviews
  • Interview questions & reviews
  • Instant push notifications for new jobs and more.

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