10 Best Mental Health Apps for your Psychological Well-being in 2022


Twif is one of the best mental health apps designed to help you in overcoming your 25+ fears

With time, the world is getting faster and advanced. And for many, that is resulting in less time for their own well-being. With less time, more effort, and more stress, mental health has become one of the crucial issues boosting amongst the current generations. Now, while we are cautious about our physical health, very few of us think about mental health and ways to tackle it.
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To combat the same, a few mental health experts and genius developers have adapted smartphones as the weapon. With mobile users matching almost half of the entire world population in terms of quantity, a few best apps for mental health are using it as a tool to tackle this group. According to data shared by JMR Publications, approximately 10,000 to 20,000 mental health apps are existing at the moment.

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Now, the same report says that only 3 to 4% of these apps are evidence-based. Therefore, it is hard to pick one to use. Moving forward, we are mentioning a few best apps for depression issues you can use for the well-being of your mental health.

Best apps for mental health to have in 2022

Moving forward, we are making a list of a few good apps for mental health you can use. These mental health tracker apps are shortlisted according to their features, device compatibility, user reviews, and expert analysis. If you are a developer as well and want to make a place amongst blogs such as this, you should get your app reviewed by the experts of MobileAppDaily!

What’s Up? – A Mental Health App

This one of the best free mental health apps powered by AI uses expert mental health diagnoses such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy). What’s Up?, one of the top free mental health apps, uses these therapies to help you in coping with emotions such as depression, anxiety, anger, stress, and others.

Features of this one of the best apps for mental health free

  • The app UI includes features such as Catastrophe Scale or Day Rating system to observe your mood
  • This one of the best apps for depression and anxiety uses 12 common negative thinking patterns and simple methods to resolve them
  • The app comes with a diary to keep a log of your feelings and thoughts along with a rating or scaling system
  • Play a game including 100+ fun questions to relax with this one of the free therapy apps
  • Add a simple or complex passcode to put a lock on the mobile app

MindDoc – Your Mental Health Companion

With 4.5 out of 5 stars based on a review given by 35,000+ users on the Google Play Store, MindDoc is a wonderful mental health companion you can keep in your smartphone. This one of the best apps for depression and anxiety is designed to help you in staying calm and managing yourself. The content of one of the best free mental health apps is analyzed and approved by expert clinical psychologists.

Features of this one of the best apps for depression and anxiety

  • This one of the best mental health apps for iPhone and Android devices is designed to help you with disorders such as insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, and more
  • This one of the top mental illness apps are designed to provide insights, summaries, courses along with more to keep a track of your mental health
  • You can integrate your Apple Health Data to keep a track of your mental health and well-being patterns
  • The app supports English and German languages

Sanvello – Anxiety & Depression

This one of the mental health apps free is a perfect well-being companion you can keep on your smartphone. Mental health states such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, or any other, Sanvello is there to assist you with well-being therapies. Sanvello, the best app for mental health, has a collection of tools such as Meditate, Hope, Thoughts, Health, and Goals to help you.

Features of this one of the best free therapy apps

  • Go through videos and learn skills with guided journeys
  • Talk to a licensed therapist, whenever you want without having to wait in queues
  • Take care of your mental health with a self-care toolkit with hope, meditate, and health goals
  • Be a part of the Sanvello community to connect with users from all around the world

    Twif – To do What I fear

    This iOS-exclusive mental health app is a wonderful invention to assist you with your well-being. Twif is designed to assist you in overcoming the fears that hold you back. With an in-built tracker, Twif makes sure you have strategies impactful enough to help you in defeating your fears.

    Features of this one of the best apps for depression and anxiety

    • Follow pre-defined strategies included in this one of the best mental health apps 2021 to overcome 25+ types of fears
    • Add customized fears or strategies as well, if you do not find the related information
    • Follow the calendar view to keep a track of your progress to overcome the fear
    • Explore insights into this one of the top mental health apps to systematically identify cognitive biases

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