10+ Best Podcast Apps For Android That Are Setting The New Audio Trends In 2021


Here is a list of the best podcast apps for Android that are sure to make radio redundant for good!

Well everyone these days is hooked on one podcast or the other. They are the natural evolution of traditional radios. The makers create content (mostly audio) on a particular topic like real-life stories, recipes, etc., and make them available for everyone through the best podcast app for Android. Also, mostly these content developers are inclined to add some special parts, linked to themselves in the podcast as well as promotions.

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A podcast can be made on a variety of topics ranging from culture to technology and from business to broadcast. They are an engaging platform to get the actual piece of information while you might be jogging, cooking, , etc. Just pop open your iPad or smartphone and you are ready. After all, nobody wants to listen to songs at all times.

Our Top Picks

We have shortlisted a few podcast apps that will make your mood swing.


Best free podcast apps for Android in 2021

Here is a list of the best podcast apps for Android that are sure to make radio redundant for good!

Spotify is one of the biggest names in the digital music arena and also one of the best podcast apps for Android to listen to. As one of the free podcast apps with more than 2 million downloads, Spotify presents its listeners and subscribers with an innovative option to present their thoughts through podcasts. Its interface is incredibly simple to use and browse through  the best audios and videos.

Features of one of the best podcast apps for Android

  • An option to discover podcasts of different genres
  • Users can stream new podcasts directly for free
  • You can even listen to your favorite podcasts on offline mode

    Radio FM

    One of the best podcast apps for Android, Radio FM is spread across over 200 countries and has 50,000+ radios and 180,000+ podcasts of different languages and genres. From news to comedy, the best free podcast app for Android has every feature for an amazing entertainment experience. Some features like background play, sleep, and subscription channels among others make the experience more enjoyable.

    Features of one of the best podcast apps for Android

    • Free to install and use
    • Allows subscribing channels to get notified for the latest episodes
    • Download and listen offline
    • Auto-off feature lets you set the off timer for the app

      Pocket Casts

      Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast apps for Android out there especially created by and for listeners. With features like cloud syncing support, podcast-search and delivery tools, variable playback control, Chromecast support, Android wear support, and much more, Pocket Casts is a podcast on Android app that enables its users to seamlessly enjoy their favorite shows without the hassle of subscribing.


      Features of one of the best podcast apps for Android

      • The app makes podcasts look beautiful by customizable color patterns and artwork to choose from
      • The app offers its users the option to work in the dark mode as well as light themes
      • Extra dark theme for the OLED lovers
      • Android Auto, Chromecast, Alexa and Sonos, listen to your podcasts in more places than ever before


        With more than 10 million downloads and more than 2 billion episodes downloaded, Castbox is one of the best android podcast apps available. It effectively allows the users to find, save, download, and listen to their favorite podcasts on Android. As Castbox is one of the best podcast manager Android, it allows the users to listen to audiobooks, FM radio, etc., (apart from podcasts) in 27 different countries through their smartphones.

        Features of one of the best podcast apps for Android

        • The users can import specific podcasts with OPML
        • From Ted Talks to Audible, the free podcast app offers a wide range of variety
        •  Users even get access to guided sleep meditations and relaxing ASMR
        • CastBox offers podcasts for all genres

          Google Podcasts

          With Google Podcasts, the listeners can easily stream, find and listen to almost all podcasts for free. It is indeed one of the best Android Podcast apps that allows its users to not only subscribe and listen to all their favorite podcasts, but also easily explore shows and receive customized episode recommendations as per the famed AI-based Google algorithms. The free podcast app includes a holistic list of popular shows and podcasts in comedy, news, sports, and more.

          Features of one of the best podcast apps for Android

          • The users can listen to the podcasts on Android at a faster or slower playback speed, as per their choice. They can even skip silences
          • The free podcast app helps users to queue up their requisite episodes
          • The app also keeps track of the user’s listening history, downloads, and subscriptions
          • The app can be easily synchronized with a phone, laptop, smart speaker, etc
          • Shows can be auto-downloaded to listen offline

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