10 Top Stock Trading Apps for Professional Traders in 2023


Now you can easily access the financial markets with these top-notch stock trader apps

Smart Device users are in luck because never before have they had as many state-of-the-art trading apps to choose from. The first thing you have to do before you start trading on the Android platform is to equip yourself with a reliable and good stock market app. Today there are several top stock market apps for Android and iOS available on the market, but only a few that stand out.

Our Top Picks

As per the research by Bull Markets has listed the best apps for traders, and on top of that, we further added a few options of our own. So, without wasting any further time, let’s jump straight to the point.


Must-Try Best Stock Trading Apps For 2021

Below we have summarized the top 10 stock trader apps that can run on Android and iOS and will help you take your trading to the next level:

Interactive Brokers – The best stock trading app

Interactive Brokers, one of the best investment apps, has been facilitating its users with their mobile application IBKR Mobile. The best stock trading app, IBKR Mobile gives access to the stocks, options, forex, futures, and futures options on multiple markets around the world. The app gives you real-time streaming data, quotas, and charts. This one of the best investment apps also transmits your orders instantaneously without any lag or glitches.


This best stock app does a real-time data survey for you and also provides the details and performance history of various offerings and commodities. The app is fully protected and login through IB’s login.

Features of best stock app

  • Shows real-time charts, quotes, and market scans
  • Quick access to rade reports and account information
  • Access to daily IB market briefs
  • This best stock app is secure and well protected

    E*TRADE – The best trading app

    Easily ranked as one of the best investment apps, E*TRADE is an all in one stock trading app that allows users services like investing, research, banking, trading, and much more. The one of the best stock apps allows traders to trade in mutual funds while providing research tools and screeners for you to keep a track of to spot opportunities.


    Customer care of this one of the best stock apps answers any type of queries you have and in case you want to keep a note of all the major news, the app features all the breaking news. For those new to trading, E*TRADE provides an education platform to teach users about trading.

    Features of the best trading app

    • Users get unlimited refunds with E*TRADE debit card
    • The app offers protection from fraud with a unique protection feature
    • Timely alerts and watchlists for the investments users are interested in
    • No commission on online stock, ETF, and other options trades

    Schwab Mobile – Stock trading app

    Probably the best stock trading app for beginners, Schwab Mobile has a lot to offer as users get to stay connected with all their existing accounts through one app. With this free stock trading app, users can buy a stock they like, pay their bills, transfer money and do so much more. Like most trading apps, this best stock trading app provides real-time updates on trading.


    Features of stock trading app

    • Security with fingerprint and passcode lock
    • Real-time monitoring of card activity with custom alerts
    • Schwab Podcasts and videos from the Media Center
    • Easily manageable broking

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