10+ Top Video Chat Apps for Android to Communicate With Your Friends and Colleagues


Discord, the best video chat app for Android, allows you to livestream your gameplay while communicating with your connections over the video call.


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It’s well known already how useful video chat apps are for the time we live in. From situations such as Covid lockdown to distances of miles, video chat apps are helping people in staying closer with their loved ones. Moving further, you will find a few best social media apps that offer video chat features as well. However, the list will have some dedicated video calling apps too.


According to data published by AppAnnie, in 2020, from March 14 to 21, business conferencing apps crossed 62 million downloads due to the Covid. Among these apps, Houseparty saw rapid growth in Europe. Now, you can imagine the situation we would be into if there were no video chat apps to connect us with our friends, relatives, or colleagues.

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we are discussing a few best Android video call apps that you can keep on your smartphone to create or join office meetings, virtual parties, or just a regular conversation.


Communicating with friends gets easier with these best video chat apps for Android

Moving further, we are discussing the list of a few Android video chat apps we shortlisted according to their features, ratings, popularity, and reviews. So, let’s begin with the list!

Google Duo

This high-quality video chat app by Google is used as a perfect alternative to normal callings or SMS. You can use Duo to contact your friends and families living far and make voice calls, text, and photos. You can also use other features such as video sharing, video calls, low-light mode, and more. The best thing about this app is that you can ask Google assistant to make duo calls.


Features of this video chat Android app

  • Connect with up to 32 people from this best Android video call app
  • Add doodles, filters, or texts during the video call to add fun
  • Share messages, videos, or photos with other Duo users
  • Use voice calling if you are on a low network or do not want to face the camera
  • With low light mode, keep your eyes safe while you use the app during the night


    Discord is being quite popular to connect with other users such as gamers, school friends, community members, and more. This one of the top Android video chat apps uses strict privacy settings. Therefore, you can only join a group, if you have the invitation link.

    Features of this best Android video chat app

    • Create or join rooms with a shareable link
    • Use voice chat, texts, or video chats to communicate with other members
    • Stream games while video calling to your connections
    • Create custom channels and shareable links for others to join


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