5 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online


Android apps that will save your device from being compromised


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With both private companies and governments having an abominable record for protecting user data, it’s no wonder that people are crying out for watertight privacy protection on their smartphones. So, whether you want to ensure that your device is kept secure, or just want to keep your personal data away from the growing problem of identity theft, you need to have such Android apps in your smartphone that secures all your data from the unwanted breach.

Our Top Picks

Here, in this blog, we have handpicked Android apps that protect the privacy of devices. In the list, you will find secured browsers to use, the best ad-blocker apps, and apps from other categories to ensure that you have an enhanced layer of security for your Android smartphones.

Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online

From tracking the browser activities to trailing the text messages and from tapping the calls to accessing personal information, your accounts and information can be compromised at any given point of time. To help you with the same, here are the top 5 privacy apps available for your Android device right now. Take a look:

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser was Founded back in 2008. DuckDuckGo has consistently been on the side of the user when it comes to protecting data and Android security. Eschewing the traditional practice of farming and selling on your personal information, the pro-privacy company is a genuine advocate for online security.

The DuckDuckGo Privacy browser features a tracker blocker, an option for forced encryption and a fire button next to your tabs which, when pressed, completely toasts your browsing history. So, it is one of the best picks for you to protect your privacy online.

Features of DuckDuckGo privacy browser

  • Escape advertising tracker networks
  • Increase encryption protection
  • Search privately
  • Decode privacy policies

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a fully open-source platform. The signal is designed from the ground up for privacy. They don’t store metadata (which can identify who used what service where) and anyone can check how the app operates by viewing the source code.

So whilst it’s easily one of the best apps for security, it’s actually a well-designed messenger app too. It adds more shields to all your text messages.

Features of Signal Private Messenger

  • Advanced end to end encryption for enhanced privacy
  • The user can verify the security by auditing the code
  • No separate logins, PINs,  usernames, or passwords to manage or lose.
  • Create encrypted groups for private conversations
  • The message speed is blazing fast
  • No long-distance charges


    ProtonMail is an open-source encrypted email developed by world-renowned scientists at the CERN Institute. Proton is a leader in privacy when it comes to email. The key features of this excellent email option include self-deleting messages and the ability to send and receive password-protected emails.

    End-to-end encryption is standard with ProtonMail, so you can rest assured that no one at the company is monitoring your communications.

    Features of ProtonMail

    • End-to-end encryption enabled
    • Encryption is automatic and remains invisible to the user
    • All messages are stored in encrypted format
    • Encryption is open to inspection by security experts

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