Best Cooking Apps For your anytime cooking in 2021


Best recipe apps that will make you cook like a chef in no time.

Everyone is trying to make meals that keep health problems at bay and provide a suitable amount of nutrition, calories, vitamins, and so forth for a better health resolution. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into these cooking apps and explore the lusciousness of home-cooked food.

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Our Top Picks

Today, the app market is loaded with thousands of premium and freemium cooking apps. Some cater to the recipes from the exclusive chefs at your nearest five-star rated restaurant and others offer a helping hand to those who are still learning the ways to boil water or dice an onion.

Best Cooking Apps for Android & iPhone Users

Here is the list of the best cooking apps that can come in, handy to the experienced chef, as well as to the newbies.


SideChef is one of the best food recipe apps that makes learning handy, easy, and fun at the same time. This recipe book app has a built-in library that allows beginner or experienced people to choose from over 16000 recipes. Catering to everyone’s needs, the app takes care of your allergies, health and tailor meals according to your convenience. With SideChef you can get your hands on the recipes made by culinary chefs.


Features of SideChef, a tasty food recipe app

  • Try out new cuisines from all around the globe.
  • Customize your meals according to your needs.
  • Purchase your grocery ingredients directly from the app.
  • Plan meals with planning tools and get your week sorted.
  • Control your smart appliances by linking them with the app.


BigOven makes cooking simple for you. The user can choose from 350,000 recipes and at the same time, the best cooking recipe app aid in managing your grocery list as well. The app lets you stack multiple categories and has already got more than 13 million downloads, which shows the extensive popularity it has earned all through this year. You can easily get inspired by recipes appearing on the app wizard.

Notable features of BigOven, the best cooking app for beginners

  • Search from thousands of recipes and get inspired.
  • Organize your recipes into folders and categorize them accordingly.
  • Snap your family recipe and the app will upload its recipe for you.
  • Make recipes out of your kitchen leftovers by adding leftover ingredients to the app.
  • Check on the activity and read comments on your recipes.

    Kitchen Stories

    Kitchen Stories is all about baking and healthy cooking. It is one of the top cooking apps that adds the world of recipes to your pocket. With appetizing recipes and appealing pictures, easy-to-follow photo-instructed guidelines one can watch endless recipe options and learn to make food with zest. The app lets you explore much more than just cooking, it masters you with kitchen tips and tricks, seasonal vegetables, stories on cooking, and whatnot.


    Notable features of Kitchen Stories, food recipe app

    • Upload your recipes on the app and share them with a huge audience base.
    • See step by step recipe videos of dishes on the app and create one.
    • Click on any dish and see the amount of nutrition per serving.
    • Make a dish by keeping adequate portions for everyone by selecting “serving”.
    • Save recipes that you like and make a dish wherever you like.

      Yummly Recipes

      Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box is one of the best healthy recipe apps owing to the features it offers. There is personalized guidance for non-professionals to help be a successful dish maker. The app emphasizes making the quality of your food improve. With the best recipes from top food sites to small food bloggers, Yummly has taken care of adding a flavourful dish to your screen. Trip to the grocery store with this app is very easy as it automatically categories your list.

      Notable features of Yummly Recipes, food recipe app

      • The app filters out the best of the best recipes for you.
      • Customize your setting and set up your preferences for meals.
      • Use tools and see the time required to make your chosen dish.
      • Select meals and set them on the calendar so that you save your time.
      • Navigate hands-free through voice command.

        Forks Over Knives

        The Last app on our list is Fork Over Knives which derives its name from a critically acclaimed film. If you are vegan or thinking of switching to a plant-based diet then the app is right for you. Forks over Knives has over 50 leading chefs who curate the right recipe for you, the recipes published by the app are said to reverse chronic ailments like type 2 diabetes and heart disease by health professionals.


        Notable features of Forks Over Knives, a vegan app

        • Over 400 recipes of plant-based foods.
        • High definition pictures of dishes that can make you hungry.
        • Enable landscape mode to view recipes on full screen.
        • 50 professional chefs making and creating dishes.
        • Read articles on the plant-based diet and switch to a healthy lifestyle.


          This app is a cooking coach for people who don’t know how to cook and for the ones who want to get their hands on new recipes. With step by step short video guide, you can learn something new with ease and access thousands of scrumptious recipes. The app has received the Editors’ Choice award from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store for their tempting choice of recipes.

          Notable features of Tasty, a top cooking app

          • Step by step instructions to make recipes.
          • Recommendations of recipes for every day, week, or major holiday.
          • If you’re a vegetarian, the app can be customized to show only veg foo options.
          • Filter out gluten-free, low carb, healthy recipes.
          • Save recipes that you like the most and open them later to cook your meal.


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