10 Best Apps for Small Business for Better Productivity and Efficiency in 2022


These top business apps will enhance the collective performance of your business without any cost.

Efficiency has always been one of the crucial aspects of success. Since old ages, men have been inventing tools and systems to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the work. In this era of technology and digital prowess, this role has been fulfilled by some of the best business apps that can help manage one’s time and resources better and keep everyone on the team, on the same page, literally. Thus, mobile apps are playing a crucial role in the success of medium-level businesses around the world. Apart from helping you keep your work in check, these apps can also help in collecting and saving relevant data, images, audios, documents, and other vital details. We ring you some of the best apps for small business owners that play a vital role in data management and communication and many other day-to-day jobs of an operating business.


Our Top Picks

Here are the top 10 best apps for entrepreneurs in 2022 to assist you with accounting tasks, maintaining your journals, tracking tasks, and more. These apps are thoughtfully shortlisted to ensure that you have a smooth entrepreneurial journey with the help of these tools on your smartphone.

10 Best Apps for Small Business Owners in 2022

Find here which apps can help you enhance your business’ efficiency and productivity.


Gusto – Best business phone app for meetings

If you are one of those people who like to finalize things on a dinner table, Gusto is the app for you. This small business management app allows you to review restaurants and eateries on the go without wasting time on the internet and for free. The app enlists top places with all the details about its interiors, staff, cuisines, specialty, and any other necessary details. You can find cuisines and delicacies from all over the world with authentic taste and a world-class experience.

Features of Gusto App

  • See the route to the restaurant
  • Find all cuisines
  • Check out upcoming events
  • Menu in 7 languages
  • Online booking and order

    QuickBooks – Best apps for small business owners

    QuickBooks is created by Intuit Inc, which has also created apps like GoPayment and TurboTax before. With this business mobile app, you have the option of maintaining records, record invoices, and manage payments with minimum effort. You can share multiple files with numerous users, and with your account, you can access data and documents created by QuickBooks anytime and anywhere.


    Features of QuickBooks

    • Automatic calculator
    • Create invoice faster
    • Manage payments
    • Easy cash flow management
    • Maximize online accounting

      Addappt: One of the best apps for business owners

      Addappt is an intelligent contact app that maintains, updates, and produces contact details at your convenience and takes measures to manage your contacts effectively. It is a contact app for iOS devices and proves helpful for companies with international operations. It keeps your contact details updated and makes changes whenever any of your contacts change their information. You can also check local weather and local time, depending on the address available.

      Features of Addappt

      • Contacts auto-update
      • Merge duplicate contacts
      • Weather and time details
      • Auto reminder and notes
      • Bulk delete and assign

        Google Translate – One of the top business apps

        Plenty of time, as a business person, it can happen that you might need to communicate with people of other languages. In such situations, it is crucial that you have the right companion app to translate documents, speeches, and other such content in real-time for you. Thus, we decided to shortlist Google Translate in this list so you can download it and communicate with people from different countries and cultures.


        Features of Google Translate

        • Entirely free to use
        • Allows offline translations with downloaded languages
        • You can translate in real time
        • Use copy-paste, camera, or microphone to translate

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