10 Best Farming Apps in 2021


These best apps for farmers have helped thousands of farmers in maximising their profits and revitalise the agriculture industry to become much more than what it was a few years ago.

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Technology has always been an important factor in changing society. This stands true especially for the technological advancements made in the 21st century. Information technology has changed the way we have resolved our pressing issues and find solutions for our day to day needs. Even one of the most primitive activities like agriculture has also been revitalised by information technology. Green revolution paved the way for mass production and IT technolog
y has perfected it.

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Today with the help of top farming apps many of the farming chores have already been simplified and for an agricultural country like India, these best apps for farmers are nothing short of a blessing.


List of best farming apps for 2021

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best agricultural apps, which can not only help the farmers in increasing their yield but can also manage many more peripherals, which was not easy to do before.

Agronote farming expenses

Farming is complicated and consists of many aspects which need to be sorted in order to get a clear picture of progress made. However, it is usually not easy to maintain bills and inventory records for analytical benefits. One of the top agriculture apps, Agronote farming expenses offers an easy and manageable way of maintaining all records and bills in a convenient manner and offers easy access to it whenever necessary. It allows farmers to create and save records on expenses, revenue, livestock and machinery procedures with analytical capabilities.

Notable Features of Agronote

  • Save records and analyse at your convenience
  • Identify the sources of income
  • Test and analyse plans
  • Helps you to plan in advance
  • Promotes sustainable agricultural practices by maintaining chemical and expandable usage.


AkerScout is one of the great apps for farmers to keep an check on the damaging of crops and resolve the issue with the help of technology. Available ¬†for apple users, AkerScout allows users to identify and prioritize crop damage and take steps to control it before it’s too late. App comes with various advanced features which are available for the premium users. It works with many types of crops and gives comprehensive data to analyse and eradicate the problem. The app uses field mapping to give a comprehensive report of the entire crop.


Notable Features of AkerScout

  • Assist scout for multiple crops
  • Support for various crop types like corn, soy, sugar , beet, etc.
  • Comprehensive data for analysis
  • Premium version offers auto load thermal, NDVI and RGB aerial imagery
  • Full support of web dashboard with analytics

    Crop Nutrient Advisor

    For those who want their produce to be of theinest quality and offer the best nutritional value, Crop Nutrient Advisor is a must to have app for them. Created by Ledgedog, this mobile app for farmers gives amazing results when used to analyse the nutrient value of any crop and identify its deficiencies. One of the best apps related to agriculture, it also recommends products for eradicating the problem, helping you get a great yield with optimum amount of nutrients in it.

    Notable Features of Crop Nutrient Advisor

    • Identify crop nutritional deficiencies
    • Get product recommendations based on the deficiencies
    • Check spray tank compatibility
    • Download labels and SDS


    An comprehensive app suitable for multiple needs of farming, FarmLogs is one of the best apps for farmers. It helps farmers in maintaining easy to access and compiled farming records and monitor fields and crops conditions. The app proves vital in monitoring and analysing the financial condition of the farm and helps in keeping the cost low and increase profitability.


    Notable Features of FarmLogs

    • Map fields by providing the direction and location
    • Receive rain alerts
    • Automatic track field work and maintain extensive records
    • Log gps-tapped scouting notes with photos
    • Identify local market and get best prices for the produce

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