10 Top Education Apps to Make the Learning Process Easier


Khan Academy is one of the best learning apps for students that offers 100% free learning materials!

With the increasing use of smartphone apps in almost every sector, including healthcare, traveling, hospitality, food, and more, the digitization of businesses is boosting at a rapid speed. With almost 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world existing at the moment, the wise choice many small and huge businesses are making is, shifting their business to apps. This shift has also been witnessed in the education sector, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns in place. The educational institutions are now focusing on imparting education via online coursesand learning apps.

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In this blog, we are discussing a few most popular education apps useful for tasks such as remote studies or part-time learning. If you are a learner or just a developer looking for inspiration for new education app ideas, you should check out the rest of the blog!

Best learning apps for professionals and students

Moving forward, you will find a list of a few best education apps. These apps are shortlisted according to their reviews, popularity, and user-friendliness. Having them in your smartphones can positively influence activities like exam preparation, self-study, remote learning, and much more.


Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) was founded by Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks together in February 1984. The organization works with a slogan of “ideas worth spreading” and organizes annual conferences annually since 1990. The smartphone app has a collection of 3,000+ TED talks videos from many remarkable people, including entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, among others.

Features of this one of the best education apps

  • Browse TED talk videos along with subtitles to hear speeches
  • Use the same account on multiple devices and sync videos on them
  • Bookmark your favorite TED talk videos to access them instantly whenever you want
  • Access TED Radio hour podcasts to listen to experts
  • Download and save video and audio files to access them offline


    This language learning app was launched in 2012 for the general public. Luis von Ahn of the Carnegie Mellon University launched the project in Pittsburgh in 2009 to make a language teaching program. Duolingo is one of the most useful education apps for those who want to learn international languages. This one of the top learning apps for students and professionals provides basic and premium services.

    Duolingo has also been featured in our Top Language Learning Apps.

    Features of this one of the new education apps

    • The app includes free and paid levels of the language learning
    • You can learn languages such as Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, and many more
    • This one of the best apps for teachers and students includes mini-lessons and activities for you to follow
    • Duolingo, one of the best educational apps for students, allows you to hear and repeat the language you want to learn

    Maple Calculator

    Maple Calculator, one of the best education apps, is a perfect tool for complex mathematical problems. The app provides step-by-step solutions. Moreover, you can explore alternative ways to solve an equation as well. The app is free to install and a perfect tool for mathematical students of any level.

    Features of this top education app

    • Free to install
    • Step-wise solutions
    • Can detect handwritings
    • Works offline as well


      Such as the tagline “Save.Read.Grow” suggests, Pocket has a variety of great content you would want to save and read to learn more. This one of the most popular education apps justifies its name and gives you a database of the knowledge to carry within your pocket. Even if you are not in the mood to read from it all the time, you can still listen to audio files and keep learning.

      Features of this top education app

      • Curate and access a huge range of topics to read and learn anywhere
      • Save learning content offline to read and learn even without the internet
      • With customizable display, focus and rest your eyes at the same time
      • Can not read? No worries, just listen to the audio files
      • Upgrade to premium to unlock options such as automatic backups, advanced search, and more


        With a network of 30 million learners, the app serves passionate learners for their need of the content anywhere, anytime! This one of the best free learning apps provides learning for 30+ subjects such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Management, and Language.

        Features of this one of the best education apps

        • The app includes more than 2000 online courses from subjects such as Computer Science, Data Science, Business, History, and many more
        • Learn from 100+ universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia University, and more
        • Gain new skills and use them to improve your career
        • Participate in quizzes and challenges to test your knowledge
        • Use discussion forums to interact with professors

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