10 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps To Try In 2021


A list of the best photo editing apps for Instagram that are sure to augment your interactions through feeds and effective images on posts.


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Many people, including several designated social influencers, have created independent businesses selling merchandise and products by cultivating a following on the platform. It is one of the most important platforms for brands and businesses to launch their products, connect to their user base and drive sales. So, how they ‘look on Instagram’ is vehemently important to them! Due to similar reasons individuals, marketing companies, and businesses are all keen to make sure their photos look as good as possible before they are posted on the Instagram app. To help them out, we have herein detailed a list of some of the best Instagram photo editing apps.

Our Top Picks

In this article, we are discussing the best Instagram editing apps that allow users to change the style of their photos to make them stand out. These apps can help you in acing your social media promotion strategy and growing faster on the top social media apps.

Best Instagram Editing Apps

Below are some good apps to edit Instagram photos that provide photographers with a range of features and are fairly comprehensive.



VSCO is the best available Instagram editing app that allows the users to get completely creative in their outlook to transform the various aspects of a photograph.  With features like  ‘contrast’ and ‘saturation’ to make photographs pop and ‘grain’ and ‘fade’ to add texture and mimic analog film effects, the photograph editor Instagram app helps the user create professional-like final products.

Features of VSCO

  • The Instagram editing app lets the user take their photography to the next level with 10 free VSCO presets
  • The users may easily import and edit their raw-like unedited photos
  • Advanced Photo Editing Tool provided by the editing app for Instagram helps users to recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, and other Films
  • The users may adjust white balance and experiment with color control of their photographs with the app’s HSL
  • The users may develop a video story by layering videos, images, and shapes
  • Connect with friends already on VSCO
  • Weekly photo Challenges with a dedicated VSCO membership

    Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free and powerful Instagram editing app that includes a state-of-art photo editor that tends to empower the users’ photography with easy and efficient image editing tools like sliders and some of the best Insta filters to simplify photo editing. The professional users may also opt to retouch full-resolution photos for the perfect finish.


    Features of Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

    • Edit and transform raw photos with one of the best Instagram filter apps
    • The user can easily tap and drag sliders to improve light and color, apply photo filters for pictures, and several other photography tools
    • Find the right size and aspect ratio to upgrade photographs
    • The user may choose between different photo versions without losing the original
    • The photo editor Instagram app helps to reiterate and fine-tuning the details
    • Easy, interactive tutorials from fellow photographers
    • The users may advance their photography skills with capture modes like Professional and HDR


      Snapseed is one of the most easy-to-use editing apps for Instagram, as it enables the users to redecorate and recreate images as per exactly what they want. Developed by Google and with a variety of features like tonal contrast (boost selective details in the shadow), HDR scape (multiple exposure effect), Drama (a touch of doomsday), Grunge (strong styles and texture overlays), and Retrolux (light leaks, retro-style scratches, etc.), to name a few, the Instagram photo editing app helps photographers and post enthusiasts get the perfect picture every time.

      Features of Snapseed

      • More than 29 tools and filters for the users to choose from
      • The best Instagram editing app easily opens the .JPG and .RAW files as well
      • The user may save their customized ‘looks’ and apply them to new photos later
      • Several options for selective filter brush
      • The Instagram photo editor app allows all user styles to be tweaked with fine, precise control


        Instasize is the photo and video editing app for Instagram, especially designed and developed for social content creators. This one of the best Instagram photo editor software provides its users with premium filters, borders, and adjustments to create impressive content. Be it beginners or professionals, anyone and everyone can transform their unedited pics to Instagram-ready posts in seconds through this Instagram editing app.


        Features of Instasize

        • Over 80 naturally enhancing filters for pictures
        • The users may custom edit their pictures using tools like adjust sharpness, brightness, exposure, contrast, etc., using the best photo editor for Instagram
        • The user may choose to combine multiple photos into one with its easy-to-use collage maker
        • An easy-to-use text editor with varied choices for colors and sizes
        • The users may keep the traditional white Instasize border, or use one of the app’s 25 themed border packs

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