10 Best Parental Control Apps For Android & iOS In 2021


Track every online activity for your children with these top parental control apps.


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How to Choose the Best Parental Control Apps?

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Choosing the best parental control apps is a very hectic task and not all such apps are perfect for all kinds of users. But we will provide a brief guide to all the top-rated parental security apps and how they can be beneficial for your kids. Before starting the discussion about apps, let us talk about the evaluation criteria on which we have given the ratings. So let us start with the analysis of these parental control applications:

List of Top Parental Control Apps For 2021

Before starting the discussion about apps, let us talk about the evaluation criteria on which we have given the ratings. So, let us start with the analysis of these apps. Here is a list of the best parental control apps for 2021 that parents need to download at the earliest:



FamiSafe is one of the best cell phone monitoring apps for parents as it allows them to check their child’s browsing history and how much time they spend there instantly. Parents can get accurate details for all the sites their child had visited with the exact time log and gap.

As an effective free parental control app for Android and iPhones, the app allows the parents to set a specific time in a day when the kid is not allowed to use their phone. Special features like setting keyword alert prompt can also be set to forewarn parents when their child is looking for explicit content. FamiSafe is undoubtedly the most interactive and intuitive parental control app.


Features of Famisafe, one of the best parental apps

  • View screen time limit and other alerts on the dashboard
  • Track your kids’ current location and location history timeline
  • Create a safe zone for tracking kids
  • Remotely track phone activities
  • Track how much screen time kids spend online
  • Block or restrict specific inappropriate apps
  • Send instant alert when children try to open blocked apps or games
  • Suspicious text and photodetection


    Our Pact is another best free parental control app for iPhones that offers parents a lot of options when it comes to parenting control. With this app, parents can keep track of when their kids leave school or come home or just go about anywhere else. Parents get to control which app their kids can use by easily blocking any unsafe app.

    Features of the OurPact, one of the best free parental control apps for iPhone

    • Location tracker
    • Manage screen time
    • Set daily screen time allowance
    • Option to block any app

      ESET Parental Control

      The key attraction of this one of the best free parental control apps is its simplicity. Almost every parental security app provides the same feature, but what makes this app unique among others is its simple and easy setup feature.


      As the best app to monitor kids’ phones, Eset provides parents with precise control over web filtering and screen timing. After the installation of this app, it can automatically set web filters based on subjects that can be customized according to your requirements later.

      Features of ESET, one of the best free parental control apps for Android

      • Screen time limits
      • Tracking location with pinpoint accuracy
      • Manage social media activities
      • Set up web filters

        Norton Family App

        Norton Family App is the best parental control app for android and iOS platforms that lets parents set online time limits on their kids’ devices as well as help initiating and opening ongoing conversations about how to build safe and smart online habits. The app also allows parents to monitor their kids’ online activities through dedicated email alerts and effectively manage their kids’ learning environment remotely. Norton Family app helps parents keep their child focused on school work and avoid other internet distractions.


        Features of Norton Family, one of the best apps to monitor kids phone

        • Manage child’s remote learning environment
        • Keep your kid child focused on schoolwork
        • Block unsuitable sites
        • Track websites viewed by your kids
        • Monitor online searches
        • Monitor downloads

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