10 Best Makeup Tutorial Apps To Lookout For In 2023


Looking to learn self makeup or planning to become a professional makeup artist? We have enumerated the best makeup tutorial apps that will guide you accurately on these paths.


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It is famously said that, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. Though we would sincerely like to believe that ‘beauty lies within every man and woman,’ makeup can be utilized to further highlight and enhance this God-made perfection! As per world reports, the industry earned revenue of about 49.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.
These numbers indicate that industry has been a booming and constantly evolving industry for years. This is because not only women but men as well today wish to look and feel good instantly. And the top makeup apps help them in acing this art.

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Makeup is the most creative way to show yourself that you truly care. A well-done makeup not only enhances the appearance but also helps protect your skin n, apart from making you look perfect in photos. Makeup tutorial apps guide makeup enthusiasts as to which look will suit them at what time of the day and on which occasion. We have got you some great tutorials for makeup in this article!


Best Makeup Tutorial Apps To Download in 2023

Due to the high requirement of this content, there are several makeup tutorial apps out there that boast about their high level of accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of their courses. We herein analyze which are the best ones of the lot!


You simply need to type in ‘makeup tutorials on Youtube and the platform is sure to provide you with a plethora of options to watch visuals (images and videos) on the makeup tutorials you would wish to learn and create. Youtube as one of the most famous video platforms with millions of subscribers, has makeup artists from all genres, experience, and expertise levels; uploading their makeup practice session as well as product review videos, in order to multiply their follower base and keep them intrigued. Youtube is undoubtedly the best makeup tutorial app.

As one of the best apps for makeup tutorials, Youtube has amassed the maximum number of makeup tutorials.


Features of YouTube

  • Youtube has several thousands of makeup experts from around the world that post videos as vloggers
  • Youtube vloggers also tend to help users to understand the products required to create a ‘look’
  • Most of the vloggers (to the likes of Jeffree  Star, Nikkie  Tutorials, etc.) allow viewers to watch videos for ‘free’ Comments posted on its videos can help viewers understand what seems to work and what might fail when creating a particular ‘look’

    Beauty Makeup Tutorials

    Beauty Makeup tutorials  is one of the best apps for makeup tutorials that offers all kinds of beauty-related solutions to its viewers in one place. With innovative beauty tips, advice, recommendations as well as reviews from several top-notch make up experts, Beauty Makeup Tutorials is one of the best makeup apps for iPhone and Androids that can transform any beginner to professional level expert in the field.

    Features of Beauty Makeup Tutorials

    • This beauty tips app helps its viewers to learn how to apply impressive makeup everyday
    • Beauty Makeup tutorials is an application for makeup that provides updated tips, advice, reviews, and recommendations as per the latest cosmetics on the market
    • There are specific tutorials on topics like How to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look, Bridal Makeup for the Glam Bride, Sultry Makeup for Red Hair, Punk’s Not Dead: Punker Eyeliner, A Smokey Eye Tutorial Fit for New Year’s Eve, etc
    • The makeup applying app discloses several tips like Makeup Tricks for Enhancing Small Features, Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own, How to Reduce Wrinkles with Makeup, etc. to help makeup enthusiasts understand the various intricacies of the tasks involved

    Perfect 365

    Perfect 365, answer to which is the best makeup app?, is one of the most effective apps for makeup tutorials as it allows the users to upload their photographs and try new looks virtually on-the-go. This makeup tutorial app encompasses several interesting features like beauty and make up tricks to learn, trending makeup style information, product recommendations, etc. With more than 100 million users to its credit, the makeup tutorial app has evolved into a  platform that effectively utilizes mobile imaging intelligence technology with expert guidance to provide the viewers the experience of a perfect ‘look studio’.


    Features of Perfect365

    • Perfect 365 includes more than 20 makeup and beauty tools (shadows, liners, lipsticks, etc.) to help its users customize their style
    • The perfect makeup tutorial app includes more than 200 preset Hot Styles for a one-tap look
    • It also includes Video tutorials from YouTube artists, beauty and fashion product recommendations as well as daily makeup and fashion tips
    • The viewers can learn makeup intricacies easily with this learn about beauty app as it provides some of the most accurate makeup placements with cutting-edge face detection
    • It allows the users to save and share their looks via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

      Perfect Makeup 3D

      Perfect Makeup 3D is an innovative makeup applying app that helps its viewers to practice the art through an interactive game format. The users may practice their design and makeup combinations as well as skill set on animated customers. Perfect Makeup 3D is one of the best makeup learning apps as it allows users to try a variety of make-up options, engagingly.

      Features of Perfect Makeup 3D

      • The unique game-like format of the makeup learning app enables the learners to practice the skill
      • This unique app for makeup tutorials ensures that the users get to practice diverse makeup looks
      • The user may  change different colors of lipstick, eyeliner, brush strokes and styles, and powder to achieve an excellent look
      • The viewers and the  players also receive rewards
      • The viewers can even see the sincere emotions of people who are touched by their work


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