5+ Best Beer Apps To Bring Happy Hours Anytime, Anywhere


Use Drizly, one of the best beer apps to get your beer delivered within 60 minutes if you are local!

Beer Beer

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Imagine coming home after a long Friday just to see an empty fridge. “Been there, done that”. So, after learning from such a nightmarish experience, we made a list of apps that can help you in getting your beer anytime, and anywhere!

Be it parties, sad nights, solo birthdays, or just a long day, a chilled pint of beer can fit anywhere, anytime! But, what are you going to do when you crave a drink at 1 AM and it’s raining? Well, top beer apps are here to rescue you from such cravings. With these beer-drinking apps, you can get your favorite drinks delivered anytime you want.

Our Top Picks

With apps offering a minimum of 30-minutes and a maximum two days delivery guarantee, you get your beer at your home however you choose. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few beer finder apps you can use to order your favorite alcohol with just a few clicks. Intrigued enough? Well, keep reading then!

Let these top beer apps be your vintner

Furthermore, we are discussing a few beer locator apps you can use to find your favorite beverage and order. These best beer tracking apps are shortlisted according to their reviews, ratings, and popularity. You can pick the one that suits you best to order drinks anytime you want!


Built to keep a track of your favorite beer and when it appears in the stock, BeerMenus lets you know about the resupply of your preferred beer. You can also get alerts when your favorite beer places update their menus.

With this beer list app, you can explore the list of available beers nearby your place. Moreover, you can also look for your favorite beers and check their availability in stores nearby you.

Features of this one of the best beer app tracker

  • Track down your favorite homemade liquor with this one of the best homebrew apps
  • Find nearby beer stores and check the availability of your favorite beers
  • Explore up-to-date beer menus at your favorite stores
  • Type the name and look for your favorite beer brands


Explore Untappd to find the best beverage places near your location and share with your friends. The app is useful if you want to share your experience with your friends and connections. Use Untappd to find venues and local events anywhere, anytime. Moreover, you can receive notifications anytime your favorite venues add new drinks for you to enjoy.

Features of this best beer rating app

  • Find venues, local events, and rate them
  • Explore menus of venues visible on the app to find your favorite drinks
  • Use this best beer review app to exploring the rating and reviews of your favorite venues
  • Explore the range of Untappd top-rated beers to find the perfection


With Tavour, you get the best craft beer delivered to your doorstep. You get access to the highest-quality beer from over 600 independent breweries. You can order any amount of beer and track the status of your delivery right from the app. The app also shows ratings and reviews of beers to help you make the best choice.

Features of this best beer recipe app

  • Explore your favorite craft beer from thousands of options listed on the app
  • Get the highest-quality beer from over 600 independent breweries
  • Check ratings and reviews before placing the order
  • Get your favorite beer delivered to your doorstep


Drizly is a perfect companion for your late-night drinking cravings. Just open the app, explore nearby stores, and get your beer delivered in 60 minutes. This beer app tracker has thousands of products to explore and purchase. Moreover, you can compare prices in real-time and make the order of your favorite beer.

Features of this one of the best drinking beer app

  • Explore your favorite beer from thousands of product ranges listed on the app
  • Get it delivered within 60 minutes
  • If not in Drizly city, get it delivered in 2-3 days through the shipment
  • Contact customer service to enquire about anything beer related

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