10 Best Selfie Camera Apps for Editing Photos in 2021


These are the best apps for clicking selfies that are sure to take your selfie game to the next level

We all live in the selfie world! Be it a party, a getaway, a vacation, or just random time-pass activities, nothing is nowadays complete without praiseworthy selfies. In fact, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are now the hub of selfies posted by people of all genres.

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Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store thus include several apps that do a mean job of perfecting selfies. These are the best photo editing apps that provide images and users with various options to alter their various aspects.

Be it a black and white sketch-like image for the vintage look or a bright sunshine look for your next Facebook post, you got it! In this article, we have got you covered up with the top selfie camera apps for editing photos.

Top Selfie Camera Apps for Android and iOS users

We have enumerated the list of best apps for clicking selfies that tend to enhance the overall look of selfies and images through appropriate filters, features and tools:

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the best app for photo clicks as it helps the users with easy face touch up, photo effects, camera filters, collages, fonts, stickers, and more. With more than 300 million subscribers and tools like magic brush, filters, and templates for effects,  it is the best  holistic selfie editing app that allows users to not only edit in real-time but also save their photos on the cloud.

Features of YouCam Perfect

  • One of the best camera apps of selfies enables its users to beautify their selfies in just one tap to whiten teeth, remove blemishes and wrinkles, smoothen skin, reshape faces, remove red eyes, adjust smiles, etc
  • Live photo editor instantly take great pictures
  • Several options to include collage or frame for every photo
  • Several stylish grids or templates to make interesting posts for Facebook, Instagram, etc
  • As one of the best selfie camera apps, YouCam perfect includes features like Magic Brush adds shapes and colors wherever required


    Facetune2 is amongst the best selfie camera apps that help users to retouch their selfies most easily, with some of the most professional-looking outcomes. With professional photo editing tools, next-generation features, filters, and photo correction tools, it is one of the most effective apps for selfies when it comes to enhancing digital looks.

    Features of FaceTune2

    • It is  one of the best apps for a selfie to provide that professional look through photo editing
    • The users may retouch and style selfies with numerous free filters, blurring options, and touch-ups
    • Compare tool to compare before and after pictures
    • A wide range of artistic tools and image correction features
    • The best face filter app iPhone and Android uses makeup brushes as tools to retouch skin or style hair color


    Developed by Retrica Inc., a  company based out of South Korea, Retrica is one of the best apps for taking selfies that enables users to take and upgrade their photos and videos with real-time filters and effects from the album on their phone. For instance: Univisium is the latest premium filter of the best filter app for selfies that makes photos and videos embody the 60s movies look. With more than 190 other filters, Retrica is one of the selfie apps for clicking photos that eases the user’s task of professionally picking and mixing effects.

    Features of Retrica

    • The users may take photos and videos with real-time filters and effects with one of the best photo editing apps
    • Pictures can be edited from the album of their phone as well
    • More filters in the premium version

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