Top 10 Wellness Apps To Stay Productive During WorkFromHome


Feeling stressed with your WFH routine? Here are the best wellness apps to reduce stress, keep you fit and breathe freshness!



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Smartphones have usually been in bad words in ruining our health, the reason for work stress, and lack of sleep, but have you ever thought about how smartphones can actually be good for your health. Mental health is a serious concern now, which is why some best mental health apps have gained traction in a short span of time. Be it mental health or any other wellness of our body, it indirectly or directly affects the peace of mind.

Our Top Picks

If you’re tired of the traffic clots and want to calm down yourself from this day-to-day rush, we have got some of the best ad free health apps to raise your energy levels and productivity. Get rid of all the massive disruptions in your life and feel the inner-self, with the best digital wellbeing apps for your smartphones.


Top 10 Health And Wellness Apps To Get Peace Of Mind

There are hundreds of health and wellbeing apps available for iOS and Android. It is difficult to go for one. To simplify the situation, we have evaluated a large pool of top wellbeing apps that not give you mental calm but also motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.


AllTrails is the best health and fitness app for hikers, cyclists, and runners that lets you discover the nature around you. It is one of the best apps for wellness that helps you record your hike, ride and run with the AllTrails GPS activity tracker. If you’re a traveler who loves exploring, AllTrails is the best app to dig up nearby mountain biking, running, or hiking trails, with reviews and ratings from a community of hikers, cyclists, and trail runners like you.


Notable Features of AllTrails App

  • Explore 100,000+ Hiking Trails and Mountain Bike Routes.
  • Filter by dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and wheelchair friendly walking trails.
  • Record your experiences with the AllTrails GPS Activity Tracker.
  • Save your favorite trails.
  • Get GPS driving directions to the Trailhead.
  • Track your progress.


    Headspace is one of the top health and wellness apps that help you develop life-changing skills with guided meditation and mindfulness from world-class experts like Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe. One of the best mental wellness apps that keeps you happy, live life stress-free, and sleep soundly. This app helps you breathe, stay calm, focus, and create balance in your life.

    Notable Features of Headspace App

    • Hundreds of guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise, and sleep.
    • Helps you with stress & anxiety meditation for managing tension.
    • Create restful sleep with Sleepcasts, Sleep music, and Wind downs.
    • Move Mode for mind-boosting workouts.
    • One of the best apps for digital wellbeing.
    • Bring your friends to meditate with you.
    • Focus Tab to meditate without distractions.


      The calm app is one of my favorite wellness apps when it comes to meditation and sleep. Get the 100+ Sleep Stories, breathing programs, guided meditations, masterclasses, and relaxing music in one app. Considering some of the best wellness apps, the Calm app is recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts.


      Notable Features of Calm App

      • 100+ Sleep Stories – adult bedtime stories to calm you to sleep.
        Breathing exercises to help you rest.
        Meditate with 30+ calming nature sounds and views.
        Track your journey with daily streaks.
        Best health and wellbeing apps.


        The Shine app helps you cope up with stress and anxiety, helps you achieve inner peace, and strengthen your mental health, and encourages you to become a better version of yourself. With the Shine app, you can meditate, connect, and reflect with the daily self-care app.


        Notable Features of Shine App

        • Female-focused self-care app for your smartphone.
        • Listen to meditations and feel calm.
        • Sync your Apple Watch and create Siri Shortcuts.
        • Track your progress.

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