10+ Best Virtual Reality Apps you should know in 2023


Not only the new generation, but these best virtual reality apps will also make even the retro ones interested in virtual reality


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Our journey to the world of endless info-media and audio-visual content was started with a desktop for most of us, then it shifted to the laptop and finally reached to our palm in the form of smartphones. The next step in entertainment was introduced in the form of AR and VR mask apps. Thanks to the advancement in technology, people can experience virtual reality at an affordable cost, which gives room for a fresh new market for the 3D virtual reality headset apps.

The significance of VR can be well gauged by the fact that VR has its applications in fields like education, healthcare, and many more. This gives an understanding of where the future of VR is heading and what impact it is bound to have upon us. Not only this, the US Navy and Army are using VR technology in the form of parachute training simulators for their soldiers.


Our Top Picks

MobileAppDaily has compiled a rundown of the best virtual reality apps for Android and iPhone that can transform the way we consume entertainment. But hang on, before we list the apps, let’s understand Virtual Reality and why we need it.

Best Virtual Reality Apps You Should not miss in 2023

VR is changing the way we and our businesses function. So here’s a round-up of some of the best VR apps worth trying this year:

VR Theater for Cardboard

Easily the best 3D VR glasses app, VR Theater for Cardboard is a Great VR app where you can enjoy high definition 3D movies with amazing effects and super-high graphics. App supporters turn around to watch the environment and experience the 3D digital world.


VR Theater for Cardboard works with MP4 format files and offers decent controls with uncompromised graphics.

Features of this one of the best free virtual reality apps

  • There are no settings to make it complex
  • Graphics quality gives a real physical feel to it
  • Sound effects give a real-world feel to it
  • No configurations in the app
  • High support

Google Cardboard

A dream app for those in love with VR, Google Cardboard brings virtual reality to your smartphone. Supportable with a wide range of apps, users can make use of this app to run virtual reality apps on their smartphones.


Features of the virtual reality app

  • Users can upload their own 360 degrees VR video
  • The app can be used with a gyroscope
  • High level of interactivity
  • The app offers pixel-precise projection

    VR Noir

    This game is an investigative experience set in a Noir environment. You play Veronica Coltrane who is investigating a case for the client in this immersive storyline. Throughout the game, you travel to many locations, interact with characters, find clues, and do much more. The game is so realistic it sometimes feels like a movie as well.

    Features of this Features of this one of the best VR applications

    • Best locations
    • Noir theme
    • Interesting storyline
    • Find clues and solve mysteries

      Within VR (VRSE)

      This one of the top VR apps existing today offers features that will blow your mind. Designed to offer a cinematic VR experience, Within VR has a database filled with music videos, animations, award-winning VR documentaries, horror content, and more. The VR app has specifically focused on ensuring that the content published on this app is heart-touching. Thus, you can pick anything to stream depending on your preferred genre and have a good time.


      Features of this VR viewer app

      • You do not need a headset to enjoy a 360-degree experience
      • Stories with beautiful graphics
      • Award-winning animation movies, documentaries, and content
      • Enjoy over 100 experiences designed just for the VR

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