5+ Best GIF Keyboard Apps to Rock Your Conversations


GIF Keyboard by Tenor is the best GIF keyboard app if you want to access thousands of animations and videos for your different moods!


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Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) images have been in trend for quite some time. With the help of these animated stickers, conversations got interesting and much funnier now. For every emotion, there’s a GIF existing already. Apart from keeping the conversation interesting, GIFs are useful to express so many different emotions as well.

A report published by Statista states that 28% of internet users from the US, belonging to the age group of 18 to 24 years, used animated image search engine apps or websites. The popularity of such tools increased, especially to use them with chat apps.


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Furthermore, you will find a list of a few GIF keyboards for Android and iOS devices. These apps are going to make your conversation more interesting. On occasions such as talking to a friend or your crush, you can make sure you are not pushing them away by being boring.

Top GIF keyboard apps to put life into your conversations

Without further ado, let’s discuss a few best GIF keyboard apps shortlisted further according to their features, popularity, and user feedback. You can trust these apps as they are trusted by many users already, and you might have heard about a few of them as well.



Apart from being a GIF keyboard for Android and iPhone devices, the app also offers quality features such as voice typing, speed, glide, handwriting, and much more. Moreover, with the help of Google translate integrated into the app, translate sentences in real-time while typing. Surely, Gboard is currently more popular compared to its competitors.

Features of this sticker keyboard app

  • Use integrated Google translate to translate in or from languages such as Hindi, English, German, Czech, Deccan, and more
  • With the gesture delete function, just swipe left to erase a word or sentences
  • Open settings and go into preferences to make number row visible always
  • Browse, choose, and share GIFs to express more

    Fleksy Keyboard

    The fastest keyboard is a charm for those who love creativity while talking to people. Having access to hundreds of animated images according to different emotions, this GIF keyboard for iPhone and Android is a stunning choice. Currently, with a network of 5 million users, Fleksy is making its way to become the top GIF keyboard on Android and iOS, if not already.


    Features of this iOS and Android GIF keyboard

    • The app includes 50+ beautiful themes for you to customize your experience
    • Browse and express with cute and funny animations during conversations
    • The gesture system allows you to do activities such as erasing words by swiping left
    • This fastest keyboard responds at a record speed

      SwiftKey Keyboard

      This smart GIF keyboard app keeps a track of your writing style and assists you to type faster. Moreover, the personalized keyboard also keeps learning your slang and personal writing style.

      With features such as built-in emoji and GIF integration, you get to enjoy the best way to communicate with your contacts. Moreover, Microsoft keeps updating this iOS and Android GIF keyboard to make it suitable for the latest trends as well.


      Features of this GIF keyboard Android and iOS

      • Use SwiftKey to take advantages of features such as tap or swipe to type
      • The keyboard supports over 400 languages for the typing process
      • It has an AI-enabled keyboard to improve or correct your spelling and other errors
      • The custom keyboard includes functions such as quick shortcuts to make it more accessible
      • Use funky and latest GIFs to make chats super-interesting


        Bobble is an AI-keyboard designed to make sure that your conversations never get dull. With a huge range of stickers and GIFs, you make a reputation as the best talker. Moreover, with functions such as glide typing, voice typing, and speed typing, the experience always remains fresh. Unlike many other alternatives, you do not have to worry about wasting time on the slow typing response rate.

        Features of this GIF keyboard for iOS and Android

        • Explore the app to browse through thousands of memes, stickers, and emojis
        • Send BigMojis to make your chats interesting and funny
        • Keep an eye on the font section to figure out new replies
        • Use Bobble features across multiple apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, etc

        GIF Keyboard by Tenor

        This GIF keyboard iPhone and Android app offer thousands of GIFs and videos to help you in expressing yourself better. Moreover, the app is entirely free to use with cool features such as shareable animations across multiple social media platforms.


        Features of this GIF keyboard for iOS and Android

        • Explore GIFs and videos to express yourself better
        • The app supports multiple social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more
        • Use GIF Keyboard by Tenor and browse category-wise content, trending topics, and more
        • Pick any GIF from the internet and save it with a single tap to use with the keyboard

          Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

          This free app is filled with content and 3600+ emojis, emoticons, GIFs, and more. Moreover, if you are a BTS fan, just search with a related keyword to explore unlimited amounts of animations and related videos. The purpose of this app is to make sure that your conversations with your friends remain funnier and interesting.

          Features of this GIF keyboard for iPhone and Android

          • Send more than 3600 emojis, emoticon, or other graphical data
          • With the custom keyboard, add a photo in the background of your keyboard
          • Use the app to express yourself in funny Japanese Emoticons (Kaomoji)
          • Smart suggestions and fast typing make the typing experience hassle free


            The keyboard app is a database of stickers and emoticons to make each conversation most interesting. Usable on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and many more, Sticker Market has a good reputation to bring your conversation into life.


            Features of this best GIF keyboard app

            • Use a sticker keyboard to express yourself with funny stickers
            • Type faster with customized suggestions, animations, and videos
            • Use a built-in translator to type in any language
            • The integrated Yandex search makes searching the web portal easier and faster

            Kika Keyboard

            This best GIF keyboard for iPhone and Android smartphones is a perfect choice if you love to spark a conversation. With features such as type of message, SMS, Email, and text now, the keyboard app is best for creative conversations. Moreover, the app lets you share these funny stickers and animations on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp, and more.

            Features of this best GIF keyboard app

            • The keyboard app supports social media apps such Instagram, WhatsApp, Roblox, etc
            • Moreover, you can view ads every day and unlock perks such as themes, fonts, emoji arts, and much more
            • The keyboard app comes with an auto-correct feature unless turned off
            • There are 150+ keyboard layouts and dictionaries for you to choose from

            By 2020, 3.81 billion people started using social media apps to connect. However, if we look into the trends of social media, interesting conversations enabled by features play a major role. That’s when GIF keyboard apps come into the picture.


            With the help of these apps, people found a better way to communicate themselves and express themselves if they lack words. Due to the same, the popularity of such best keyboard apps is boosting as well.

            Now, with the increasing popularity of such apps, there are going to be more developers focusing on building GIF keyboard apps. And, if you are planning the same too, you should get your app reviewed first. It can give you an insight into the performance of your mobile app in the real market. Moreover, you can get a few ideas from the experts of MobileAppDaily to upgrade your app to its maximum potential.


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