9 Best Video Conferencing Apps of 2021


With the increase in demand for remote work, video meeting apps have become productivity apps.


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People working from home, students attending online classrooms, recreational activities, group hangouts everything is being supported by virtual meeting apps that are bringing people closer to each other in a time of social distancing. These video conferencing applications have supported mankind in our darkest hour and they are here to stay.

Our Top Picks

We have handpicked a list of the best app for group video conference call along with their key benefits and use.

The Best Video Conferencing Apps of 2021

These conferencing apps have been shortlisted because of user review, ratings, special features & overall usefulness.


ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Most of you must have heard about this extremely popular instant video conference application. With the ease of use, free access, and amazing performance, Zoom Cloud meetings is one of the best video conferencing apps in the market right now.

Now, it has a massive user base of over 300 million daily users across the globe. One of the very few businesses that were able to exponentially scale up during a time of global crisis.


Standout Features of the best virtual meeting app

  • Offers limited free access that has proven to be sufficient for small group calls.
  • Amazing video & audio quality over the video.
  • Multi-platform & device access that makes it very easy for people using different technologies to connect effortlessly.
  • Also supports file sharing, text messages, images, links, and more.

    Google Meet

    A very easy to access and use conference call app, Google meet is a simple yet powerful product that is commonly used by large and small businesses.

    Even people with no active need of conferencing apps must have used google meet at least once. One of the best free meeting apps, it can be accessed by anyone who has a google account.


    Google meet is an extremely popular app that has grown 30 times during the initial few months of the pandemic inspired lockdown.

    Standout features of one of the best free meeting apps

    • It allows up to 250 members in one meeting and works well for every connected member.
    • Extremely easy to access, all you need is a google account. No additional sign-up required.
    • Meetings get synced with google calendar and it becomes easy to track upcoming calls.
    • Ensures security by generating a unique encrypted key for each user and meeting.
    • Completely free to use for all users.


      This is one of the top video conferencing apps that has something for every kind of organization. Be it small, medium or a big enterprise, this conference call app has been steadily growing in the number of users worldwide.


      Like many other online meeting apps, GoToMeeting also supports high-quality video meetings and easy access.

      Standout features of one of the top video conference apps

      • The relatively higher customer rating on both Android & iOS stores reflects the quality of this application.
      • It shines on performance and the quality of video calls.
      • The switch to commuting mode makes the app more aware of data usage and helps maintain steady call quality.


        One of the best video conferencing app for business, join.me is being considered to be a great alternative to bigger online meeting apps in the market.


        A simple app, easy to use, and free up to 10 participants. This is one of the leading free meeting apps that is gaining fast recognition due to its amazing video conferencing capabilities and VoIP (Voice over IP) calling.

        Stand out features of one of the best video meeting app

        • Simple sign up, easy screen sharing & multi-device access.
        • Talk to people using VoIP.
        • Manage people over the call with ease.
        • Secure and connected at the same time.


          Slack is a collaboration tool that is also often used as an office communicator. It has also integrated video calls to host meetings and brainstorming sessions.


          It wasn’t aimed to be one of those video conferencing applications that are only used for virtual meetings, slack has been widely used as a communication app & has many collaborative features.

          Standout features of one of the most collaborative virtual meeting apps

          • An amazing user interface that fosters collaboration and team building
          • Message or call people in your company with ease.
          • It indexes all your communication that makes it easy to search and keep track of important points.
          • Very Customizable notifications to add or limit access to individuals or created groups.


            A veteran in the game, skype still remains one of the best video conferencing apps with an amazing and clean user interface that offers a smooth experience.


            Available in more than 100 languages, Skype has an active user base of more than a million users worldwide.

            Standout features of the best video meeting app

            • A free to use application with amazingly simple document sharing.
            • A smooth user interface that is fun and very easy to understand. A perfect conference call app for people who are new to technology & for┬áveterans alike.
            • You can also read & reply to your SMS messages through the skype application.
            • Fun emoticons, gif support, and easy chat with people in your network.

              Cisco Webex Meetings

              The best conference app for enterprises and organizations with large team size. Cisco Webex Meetings is a brilliant application, very well-liked by its users, and known for its superior performance.


              It is a conference call app that has been developed keeping the future in mind, it supports all the latest smart devices.

              Standout features of one of the best virtual meeting app

              • Hands-free voice command support over Google Assistant, google home hub & Siri.
              • Easy sync with your calendar and smooth interface makes this one of the best conferencing app for people who have many meetings to attend.
              • It is easy to schedule meetings and manage your schedule through the mobile application.
              • Customizable backgrounds and video layout options.


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