Enhance the User Experience With These 10 Best iOS Launcher for Android Smartphones


Just install any best iphone launcher for Android into your smartphones and improve the way phone UI looks


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Currently, the war between Android and iOS smartphones is on its edge. But with time, by offering plenty of features and accessibilities, Android phones are leading in terms of global popularity. However, iPhones are loved due to the elegant UI and security they provide. Now, there are a few reasons due to which one would not want to buy iOS phones.

Reasons could be high prices, unavailability of stock, or just lack of features. Now, at the same time, if you want to experience the mobile app UI design of the iOS in your Android phone, you can use a few Android iPhone launchers. The UI elements will change features such as icons, animations, graphics, and more to make your Android phone act like an iOS device. But, these changes will be limited till the viewing experience only.

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we are going to discuss a few best iPhone themes for Android. These themes are useful if you want to change the UI of your smartphones to make them look cooler.


Top iOS launcher for Android smartphones

Moving forward, we will discuss a few best iPhone launcher apps you can install into your phones to give them a new look. These apps are going to upgrade your experience by changing features, animations, and the UI.


This Android iOS launcher offers a smooth operation and is a perfect choice for the latest or old Android smartphones. Offering a stunning UI experience, this iPhone launcher theme is easy to use and covers mobile UI design trends such as gesture control. Moreover, the best thing about this launcher is that you can customize its scroll speed, icons, and search bar.


Features of this best iOS launcher for Android

  • The app is easy to use with features such as a no-app drawer
  • You can control the UI with gestures as well
  • This best launcher iOS for Android lets you personalize your experience with features such as customized folder preview, hide search bar, and more
  • The app can be used on smartphones with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher

    Phone 12 Launcher

    If iOS 14 UI grabs your attention but you own an Android phone, well you can have the experience as well. With this iOS launcher for Android, you can upgrade your smartphone’s UI and make it look entirely different. To improve the user experience, this application has followed trending mobile app design guidelines. The Phone 12 Launcher allows you features such as smart search, beautiful wallpapers, and a control center for iOS 14.

    Features of this real iPhone launcher

    • The app changes the lock screen UI as well
    • With smart search, you can swipe down to reach the search screen
    • Simple design consumes less space and battery
    • The one-touch task feature saves time and process
    • Smart toggle options are available for features such as Wifi, silent mode, data connection, and much more

      Launcher iPhone

      With an iPhone theme launcher for Android, get the advantages of iPhone X or 12 with your Android device. Launcher iPhone allows you to update UI icons as per your choice. Moreover, there are thousands of icon themes on the Play Store you can choose from and the launcher will support them.


      Features of this new iPhone launcher

      • Setup and use gestures to control your smartphone
      • Personalize scrolling functions, desktop grip, and folder preview for a better experience
      • With the custom status bar, enjoy an iOS styled theme
      • Swipe down anywhere on the screen to make the search option visible
      • The assistive touch feature improves your user experience

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