The Best 10 Multiplayer Mobile Games on Android in 2021


These multiplayer mobile games will keep you and your group of friends on the edge.

Android is unarguably the best platform for playing the best mobile multiplayer games. First, it offers the games under a variety of genres, and second the functionality, graphics, response, and variety of these games are truly unmatched.


There is a game for everyone on the Android platform, even for those who don’t want to spend any money. There are single-player, multiplayer, and even local multiplayer games that you can play without the internet. All you need is a local Wi-Fi connection to keep on scoring the points. Sounds interesting?


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In this article, we present to you the 10 best multiplayer games Android offers.

The 10 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games in 2021

With the push in the popularity of multiplayer games, the developers are creating amazing games that could connect more and more players. Unlike in older times, when you need to have an internet connection, now these games can easily be played offline (through Wi-Fi hotspots and other devices), which is another reason for the popularity of these games. There are several such applications that you will find when heading towards Google Play. All of these games are pretty good; however, some of them excel in the functionality when compared with others.


Among Us – One of the top Android multiplayer games

Among Us rose to stardom in the app world due to its amazing multiplayer functionality and a good dose of the suspense of a real-world quest, so to speak. The game revolves around catching the “Killer” which is one of the players playing at the moment.

The game can be played between 4-10 players and can be played online or on local Wi-Fi. And, there is fun in catching a killer before he kills you all.


Top features of Among US

  • 4-10 Multiplayer
  • Local Wi-Fi or online gameplay
  • Sabotages to cause chaos
  • Simple gameplay

    Asphalt 9: Legends – Among best multiplayer games Android

    Asphalt 9: Legends is the later edition in the series of amazing racing games by Gameloft. The game takes the phenomenal previous series racing feature to a new level with this exciting gameplay. The multiplayer game gives you the option of going up in the air, jumping off the ramps, and performing stunts mid-air sitting in your car. There is a whole new range of cars and tracks, designed with sleek graphics and exceptional gameplay to keep users immersed in the gameplay.

    Top features of Asphalt 9: Legends

    • Customize your ride
    • Select from a collection of top supercars
    • The blast of arcade fun
    • New control for faster racing

    Call of Duty: Mobile – One of the Top FPS Android Multiplayer Games

    Call of Duty: Mobile is a reincarnation of the popular Activision’s FPS (First Person Shooting) Game Series of the same name. The game is synonymous with FPS fun and has set the industry standards for FPS games, on PC and PlayStations at least. With the rise in the popularity of FPS multiplayer games like PUB-G, it was only natural for Activision to launch a mobile rendition of their popular game series.


    The game doesn’t disappoint in its gameplay and playing experience. It has earned a reputable place in the market even when FPS is one of the most difficult segments in the market with so many stakeholders operating at their best.

    Top features of Call of Duty: Mobile

    • Free to play
    • Amazing storyline
    • Game mode and Maps mode
    • Competitive and social gameplay
    • Great graphics and weapons


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