Top 10 Language Learning Apps That You Should Download Right Away


Get out of the overburdened study zone with these fun language learning apps

A new language could be one of the sharpest shrapnel for an individual’s futuristic toolkit. In today’s borderless world, it would not just help you connect with a global audience, but also open up opportunities that you didn’t even know. If you think learning a new language could be heavy on your pocket and work schedules, language learning apps are here to your rescue!

Our Top Picks

Top language learning apps make a new language accessible and approachable for the common man. They can easily learn a new language while drinking the morning cup of coffee or during everyday work commute. Using the different language learning apps would also make learning fun as the languages are mostly taught using interactive images and videos that keep the users engaged.


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Top language learning apps in 2021

We have curated a list of the best applications for iOS and Android that will help you learn French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and other languages right from the screen of your smartphone. All applications are free of charge and offer various paid subscriptions for improved options and courses.



Duolingo is one of the best free language learning apps and was awarded by Apple in 2013. As of now, it is an English language learning app with fun mini-lessons that feel like games. In fact, it has been proven that 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a semester of university-level education. In simple terms, Duolingo is amongst the top free language learning apps that are changing the way people learn languages around the world.

Features of Duolingo

  • Duolingo is the best app to learn a language for free
  • Bite-sized lessons make language learning fun and track the overall pupil progress
  • Touted amongst the best language apps, Duolingo has proven its effectiveness time and again
  • The free foreign language app now also provides courses for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, etc

    Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone is amongst the free language learning apps that include several  Interactive and contextual language lessons, which can  be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device; online or offline. The truAccent technology within the app provides real-time pronunciation feedback and helps the user speak confidently. The app offers its users a ‘Dynamic Immersion’ method, which includes interactive and contextual language lessons blended with extended Learning features in an ad-free environment that is proven to enhance learning manifolds.


    Features of Rosetta Stone

    • With a variety of speaking-focused lessons and features, the Rosetta Stone app is amongst the best free apps for learning a language
    • The app can customize lessons as per user requirements and develop a game plan with curated content to make learning as effective as possible
    • Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language approachable for all as the users can easily practice anywhere
    • As the best app to learn a foreign language, it helps individuals to learn English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, amongst others


      Memrise is one of the best apps to learn a new language as it helps the users enhance their real-life language skills through a rich variety of easy-to-use games and over 30,000 native speaker video clips. It is amongst the best language learning apps available, working diligently to help real people understand real accents, real dialect, and real languages.

      Features of Memrise

      • With their team of native speakers, language experts  and developers, Memrise provides the best in the class learning experience
      • Variety of learning and practice sessions that are simple, fun, and accessible to everyone
      • Courses available for all level language learners
      • Option to learn Spanish, French, German, or 20 other languages with the world’s best app to learn a language


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