Top 10+ Android best multiplayer mobile games to play with your besties in 2021


Playing games with your friends is always fun. But beating your buddy in a multiplayer game always puts you on the knife-edge In this article, our top picks are the best multiplayer games to enjoy with friends!


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Our Top Picks

Here, we have handpicked the most popular multiplayer games based on their user ratings, reviews, and Downloads. These games will be a real-time entertainer for you wherever you want to play them.

Best multiplayer mobile games

Below are the top multiplayer mobile games to always stay connected with friends while playing:

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

The Android app is better known by the name, Mini Militia and is considered one of the best multiplayer mobile games in the gaming community. A small-scale local army rose to notoriety in a flash. This game is played by portable gamers everywhere throughout the world. In this mission-based game, you can associate with different players using WiFi and collaborate to frame an armed force or clash in a deathmatch battle mode.

Players likewise get the chance to look at a variety of weapons and also jetpacks and then the sky is always there to touch.

Features of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

  • Play online with up to 6 players
  • Explore 20+ maps
  • A range of weapons
  • Offline Survival Mode

    Real Racing 3

    Genuine Racing 3 is EA’s honor winning Android app that sets another standard for versatile hustling games. Highlighting profoundly sensible illustrations and over the best activity, Real Racing 3 is outstanding amongst other Android gaming apps. What’s more, Given is that there is a cross-stage multiplayer game and offers a variety 0f game modes, so you can play and contend with your companions.

    Features of Real Racing 3

    • 250+ HD real cars
    • 19+ real tracks
    • Take on friends and rivals, up to 8 players
    • More than 4000 events to choose from, including F1 Grand Prix

      Real Steel World Robot Boxing

      Given the Real Steel film, you get the opportunity to amass and prepare your mechanical boxing robot to kick and punch different robots. The Android game is action-packed and is all about mechanical ruthlessness. You can gather distinctive robots and to your surprise, even the champions from the motion picture are accessible. This multiplayer game lets you clash against other individuals in Wi-Fi matches.

      Features of Real Steel World Robot Boxing

      • More than 58 ultimate fighting robots machines
      • Make, upgrade, paint and train your robots
      • Fight with friends and people around the world
      • Achieve glory and showcase your triumph


        This Android app is a blend of various smaller than usual top Android multiplayer games that you can play with up to 8 players connected to Wi-Fi. Simply interface with other Android smartphones through Wi-Fi and bomb away. Make groups of players and play against each other in an intense and dangerous game loaded with amazing designs and addictive gameplay for everybody.

        You can play smaller than expected games like bomb hockey, catch the banner, and so forth against or with your companions.

        Features of BombSquad

        • Blow up your friends
        • Play with 8, local, or network players
        • Use the touch screen and a variety of other controls to play

          Pokémon Go

          For the early 2000s Pokémon were the coolest things. We all have loved Pickachu, laughed at Meow, and drooled over Charizard. You will have to visit various places to find Pokemon and use an app to catch them. The app uses your GPS location and camera to create the entire experience. Pokémon Go takes you to the real Pokéverse where you are an aspiring trainer. The game has been well received by millions around the world.

          Features of Pokemon Go

          • It is free to download and play
          • Become a real-life pokemon trainer
          • Find, collect, and train Pokemons in the real world
          • Click life-size photographs with your Pokemons

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