20 Best Travel Apps to Accompany You on Your Trips


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To feel the peace in the Himalayas, or enjoy the nightlife of Los Angeles – it doesn’t matter where you are traveling to, proper planning is important. Unpredictable situations such as delayed flights, unavailability of places to stay, or blocked traffic routes can ruin the mood of your wanderlust soul. Now, to avoid situations like those, you can get a great benefit from top travel apps.
According to data shared by Think with Google, 45% of users found notifications including trip status useful. It helped them in keeping track of their schedule as well.


Moreover, statistics shared by Statista say that 64% of users used travel apps to search for flights and accommodation.

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We are going to discuss a few crucial traveling apps you can use during your trip for an amazing experience. These apps are going to be a perfect traveling companion for you by assisting you with your several needs.


Top Travel Apps

Furthermore, we are discussing a few best apps for trip planning. These apps are shortlisted according to their reviews, popularity, ratings, and features. To make finding a perfect location for you convenient, we have categorized them according to their ultimate task. So, let’s dive into details!


Skyscanner, founded in 2003, focused on making the flight booking experience much convenient for users. By providing all the information required, Skyscanner eliminated hectic processes such as redirecting on the official websites. This best flight booking app is a wonderful choice to make if you want to travel at the best prices possible. Currently, Skyscanner has a proud network of 100 million users per month using its services.


Features of this best flight booking app

  • You can explore Skyscanner for the best prices for your flights
  • Book entire trips and explore suggestions, routes, accommodation, and much more on this best travel itinerary app
  • Explore great deals to get discounts on hotels, resorts, or apartments
  • Rent a car anytime you want with Skyscanner in minutes
  • Don’t worry about the booking fee because there’s none


    Kiwi is a perfect travel booking companion that provides facilities such as airport lounge access, destination guides, mobile boarding passes, and airport maps. Moreover, you can also access your boarding passes even without the internet by downloading them on the device. Apart from the flight booking service, this best travel itinerary app can help you in exploring the best places to visit at your target destination as well.

    Features of this best vacation planning app

    • The app is a perfect choice to search and book flights and  explore good places to visit at your destination
    • Download boarding passes offline and accesses them without the internet
    • Destination guides are going to be useful for your travel planning
    • Explore local events happening at your destination
    • With price alerts, keep a track of perfect booking prices for your journey


      With Hopper, you can find and secure the best price on flights, hotels, and even car rentals. In case you are not ready to book right now, you can freeze the price. Take the time you need to finalize your plans, and if the price goes up, you still pay the price you froze it at. The app also notifies when it’s the best time to buy – recommending you to book now or maybe just wait a little longer.


      Features of this best app for trip planning

      • The app predicts future flight and hotel prices
      • Get notifications for the best time to book
      • Freeze the price
      • Change your travel plans without penalties


        Splittr lets you divide your expenses with everyone in the group. You can add users as many as you want, and include expenses done by each person to calculate accurate shares. The intelligent payment divider lets you calculate the exact amount everyone in the group has to pay. Moreover, you can export details in PDF or CSV format. Splittr is useful to keep a track of the expenses in multiple currencies as well.

        Features of this one of the best travel itinerary apps

        • Sync with your friends and register expenses for each
        • Accurately calculate expenses for each member of the group
        • Your friends do not need to get registered for them to include expenses in your app
        • Export details in the PDF or Excel file with a single click
        • With automatic backups, your data is safe


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